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Kentfield Fire Protection District is happy to announce that FIRESafe MARIN, with Measure C funding from the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority, will conduct a free curbside pickup chipper program in much of Kentfield.

  • Kentfield Residents in the area north of Sir Francis Drake between Ross and Wolf Grade will receive chipper service July 20th. (Registration begins July 6th)
  • Kent Woodland’s Firewise Site will have a chipper event July 21st. (Registration begins July 7th)
  • Greenbrae Hills NRG/Firewise Site will have a chipper event on September 9th. (Registration begins August 27th)

You can see if your address is among those who will receive this service at https://www.chipperday.com/marin  If so, you will be able to register for the program.


  • Pre-registration is required: Residents will be able to sign up directly on our online web portal. https://www.chipperday.com/marin Registration will open 14 calendar days before your chipper event.
  • Signup is on a first come first served basis. When we have reached our capacity, any additional registrants will be placed on a wait list. Residents on the waitlist will not receive a pickup unless they receive a confirmation email due to a cancellation.
  • Residents need to bring their material to their curb for the chipper pick up by 8 am the day we have scheduled for your site. Pickup could be delayed for 1-2 days due to the volume the chippers are processing.
  • Piles are limited to 10 feet x 4 feet x 4 feet in size. Piles and portions of piles larger than 10x4x4 will be left for the resident to remove. Firewise sites run the risk of losing their chipper event the following year if there are too many size violations.

What CAN go in the chipper?

  • Tree limbs up to 8” in diameter.
  • Shrubs, brush, limbs, woody bushes, pampas grass, scotch broom, cypress, juniper.
  • Lay all vegetation the same way with the base of the branch or plant facing the street.

What WILL be taken but can't be put in the chipper?

  • Roots with rock/gravel/dirt - cut away from the rest of the plant, placed next to pile.
  • Palm fronds and bamboo - place next to pile.

What will NOT be taken for the safety of our crews?

  • Trash, poison oak, blackberry brambles, firewood, construction materials, lumber, regular yard waste, leaves, lawn clippings.

Contact information: firewise@firesafemarin.org

This is a benefit of MWPA and FireSafe Marin to prepare for the wildfire season, this free chipper event is not intended to remove all vegetation that residents wish or need to remove. Any portion of a pile greater than 10x4x4 feet will be left behind and will become the resident’s responsibility to remove.


Fire Department’s throughout Marin have been in continuous contact with the Marin County Health and Human Services Department regarding the current state of the COVID-19 health crisis, and more importantly on what are the best practices during the Shelter at Home Order as restrictions begin to ease. Certain activities, such as fire hazard mitigation and defensible space clearance, have been allowed to continue with social/physical distancing and proper utilization of face coverings.

During the months of June through September, the newly created Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority “MWPA”, supported by your local fire agency, will begin conducting individual defensible space and home hardening evaluations in West Marin, Ross Valley, Kentfield, Larkspur, and Corte Madera. The MWPA evaluation teams, wearing proper facial coverings, will be going door-to-door requesting access to the exterior of your property to conduct a complete and comprehensive 360-degree evaluation of your home and property. The evaluations will be used to assist homeowners in making their homes and properties defensible from fire.

The evaluation teams will be evaluating whether your home currently meets wildland-urban interface “WUI” defensible space and construction requirements and will make recommendations on how to improve your homes ability to survive a wildfire.

The evaluation will also determine if your property meets the requirements for defensible space as required by the California Public Resource Code Section 4291 and the California Fire Code Section 4907.2 and 4908 (see the attached requirements). Properties that are determined to be in violation of the defensible requirements may be referred to your local fire department for further action. Homeowners can choose to accompany the evaluators during the home evaluation; however, it is not required. 

Due to the number of Inspections required, the Defensible Space evaluators will NOT being scheduling inspections. If you have any questions, or would like more information about the program, please email Inspector Larry Pasero at lpasero@kentfieldfire.org.

For Defensible space, home hardening and evacuation preparation information, please visit www.firesafemarin.org 


In an effort to protect the general public and the employees of all Marin County Fire Agencies, and reflective of the Shelter in Place Order (SIP) issued April 29, 2020 by the Health Officer of the County of Marin, requests for all non-essential fire inspections were previously suspended.


The intent of the MODIFICATION is to respect the county order to shelter in place, limit personal contact and exposure, and to slow the spread of COVID-19 to the maximum extent possible.  

  • Prior to requesting an inspection, please see the attached inspection modification announcement for Shelter In Place Order requirements and PPE protocols. 
  • Projects failing to comply with the requirements of the revised shelter in place order and its appendices may be cancelled or postponed. 
  • Inspection appointments will be available Monday through Thursday.
  • Inspections will be completed within the 8 am to 1 pm window.
  • Inspections will be scheduled by email only. Please email lpasero@kentfieldfire.org and specify the date you would like an inspection and the type of inspection (Close-in, fire sprinkler, fire final etc).
  • A jobsite contact and phone number will be required. Please include the project address in the subject line.

Read: COVID-19 Fire Inspection Modified Guidelines


Kentfield Fire Protection District

Kentfield Fire Protection District is a special district formed under the authority of the California Health and Safety Code. The District has an excellent Class 1 ISO (Insurance Services Office) rating.

Twelve full-time Professional Firefighters, one full-time Fire Inspector, five Volunteer Firefighters and three Seasonal Firefighters (every fire season) are employed by the District. All District personnel are State certified to their classification and rank. The District’s daily staffing is three firefighters. Available within minutes are four neighboring automatic aid engines, twenty immediate need mutual-aid engines, and eight immediate need “wildland” mutual-aid engines and four truck companies.

The District is a member of the California Inter-County Mutual-Aid Plan and the Marin County Automatic and Mutual-Aid Plan, covering emergencies and disasters such as fires, floods, mass-casualty incidents, and earthquakes. All District personnel are Hazardous Materials First Responder Certified. The Kentfield Fire Protection District provides paramedic service through the Ross Valley Paramedic Authority Joint Powers Agreement. All District personnel are Emergency Medical Technician Certified.

For the purpose of mitigating serious hazardous material incidents, the District participates in the Marin County Hazardous Materials Joint Powers Agreement. All District personnel are Hazardous Materials First Responder Certified.

All District personnel are provided with extensive structural and wildland fire fighting, rescue, medical and emergency management training in accordance with Federal, State and locally accepted standards.

The California Fire Code and Public Resource Code are adopted and enforced by the District. Annual inspections of commercial and residential occupancies are conducted.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue excellence in fire service delivery, operationally, financially, and politically.

Our Mission

The Kentfield Fire Protection District exists to care for, protect, and serve our communities


Excellence: Consistently deliver the highest-quality service.

Integrity: We do the right thing, even when it's difficult, to preserve honesty.

Empathy: Build relationships on respect and compassion.

Innovation: Foster an environment of original thought.

Our Guiding Principles

We are committed to the protection of life, property and the environment.

We believe that our communities are the reason for our existence.

We will foster and sustain the trust of our communities and each other, while also protecting that confidence through our attitude, conduct, and actions.

We will serve our communities with honesty, fairness, and integrity.

We will pursue safe, effective, timely, economical, and measurable solutions.

We will consistently provide professional, skilled, and compassionate customer service.

We will be sensitive to the changing needs of our communities.

District Boundary



Download this file (Kentfield Fire District Map.pdf)Kentfield Fire District Map.pdf[ ]665 kB

Instagram: @kentfieldfire

District News

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