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Emergency Preparedness

Winter Storms and Floods

Creek Levels / Weather / Tides

Corte Madera Creek Level at Ross (USGS data)

Protect People and Property: 

Know Your Flood Hazard Area:

Stay Informed:

In an emergency, communication is crucial to the safety of all residents and businesses. Please bookmark or sign up for the communications methods listed below:

  • We will provide updates about the storm as needed on our website, kentfieldfire.org.
  • Sign up for Alert Marin www.alertmarin.org to receive notifications on your devices and phone!  Emergency officials use Alert Marin to deliver incident-specific information or potentially life-saving instruction to the precise geographic area(s) affected..
  • Sign up for Nixle http://www.nixle.com - will send alerts to your mobile phone or email.
  • Tune in to KQED 88.5 FM, KCBS 740 AM or KGO 810 AM and local TV stations for further information
Watch/Warning Terminology
  • Flood Watch: Issued whenever flooding is considered a possibility (but is not certain or imminent)
  • Flood Warning: Issued to warn the public that flooding is occurring or is imminent.
  • Flash Flood Watch: Indicates that flash flooding is a possibility in or close to watch area.
  • Flash Flood Warning: Signifies a dangerous situation where rapid flooding of small streams or urban areas is imminent or is occurring.
  • Urban and/or Small Stream Flood Advisory: Alerts the public to flooding which is generally only an inconvenience (not life threatening) to those living in affected areas.
Emergency Warning Siren

The Kentfield Fire Protection District has an Emergency Warning Siren, located on top of Fire Station at 1004 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. In the event of an emergency such as wildland fire or natural disasters such as earthquake, flood, and mudslide the siren may be activated to alert residents.  When the Emergency Warning Siren is activated tune into local radio, television, phone, cell or VOIP alert notifications for emergency information and instructions. 

The Siren is tested the first Saturday of each month at noon. 


Stock up on sandbags

We urge residents to initiate their winter preparedness measures early in the season by seeking sand and sandbags should they need them. Sand and bags can be purchased at local hardware stores.

Marin County supplied sand and sandbags

During winter storm events only.  Locations may change.  Please bring your own shovel!

Proper Use of Sandbags

Sandbags are a simple and effective way to prevent or reduce floodwater damage.  Sandbags act as a barrier to divert moving water around instead of through buildings.  Sandbags must be constructed properly to form a watertight seal.

    • Remove debris from the area where bags are to be placed.
    • If tied bags are used, flatten them and flare the tied end. If untied bags are used, fold the open end to form a triangle.
    • To form a sandbag wall, place bags tightly against one another to form the first layer of defense.
    • Place adjacent bags to overlap slightly on the folded or flared portion of the previous bag and stamp into place to eliminate gaps and form a tight seal.
    • Stagger subsequent layers of bags, similar to the pattern of bricks on a wall.
  • Never use bags to build a fortress around your property because this approach can trap water between sandbag walls and structures, causing further damage.

Power Outages

PG&E provides a "real-time" online map showing known power outages in your area.  

  • http://www.pge.com/outagemap/
  • Click on a marker to see more information, such as number of customers affected and estimated time to restore power.
  • Never approach downed power lines.  Do not attempt to move downed lines of any kind.  Never attempt to step over downed lines.  Move away and report the downed lines by dialling 9-1-1.
  • Have flashlights and battery-operated radios with fresh batteries ready for updates on storm conditions and power outages. Tune in to KQED 88.5 FM, KCBS 740 AM or KGO 810 AM.
  • Fire Officials recommend that residents do not use candles because of the risk of fire. Use battery-powered light sources.
  • Anticipate power outages prior to the storm, and bookmark PG&E’s power outage page. Downed Power Lines 
  • PG&E 1.800.743.5000

Downed Trees and Limbs

  • If the tree is on private property or has fallen onto private property contact the property owner.
  • If the tree is touching electrical wires contact PG&E at 800-743-5000
  • If the tree or limb is causing an immediate danger, call 911 from any land or mobile phone.
  • If the tree or limb is blocking a public right of way or roadway, call 911


If you live in a landslide prone area consider hiring a geologist that specializes in slide risk assessment to complete a ground study of your property. Learn to recognize potential landslide warning signs:

  • Changes occur in your landscape such as patterns of storm-water drainage on slopes
  • Water breaks through the ground surface in new locations
  • Bulging ground appears at the base of a slope
  • New cracks appear in plaster, tile, brick, or foundations
  • Fences, retaining walls, utility poles and trees tilt or move
  • Collapsed pavement, mud or fallen rock along roadways

How can you minimize your landslide risks?

  • Regularly inspect your property for land movement, retaining wall failures and blocked drainage routes
  • Meet with your neighbors to discuss and repair mutual drainage problems 
  • Prepare an escape route in case you need to evacuate your home because of a slide above or below you

If you discover any earth movement or landslide, immediately leave the area and notify neighbors and emergency services by dialling 911.

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