Permit Application

  pdf Kentfield Fire Protection District Permit Application (207 KB)


Please download the   pdf Permit Application (207 KB)  and follow all instructions carefully. Applications should be typed or printed clearly. Incomplete or illegible applications will not be accepted and will be returned.


Complete all portions of the permit application including the type of permit or plan review for which you are applying. After reading the information on the application, your signature, title and date are required to appear on the lines indicated on the Permit Application. Return the original to:


Three sets of blue lines and three sets of hydraulic calculations required. Some permits may require additional information. If you have any questions please call us at 415-453-7464.


The inspector will keep a time-keeping form to track time spent on your project. You will be charged at a rate calculated by the Fire District as the actual costs are incurred. The current rate is $177.00 per hour, but is subject to change prior to your being invoiced if the costs to the District change. A deposit will be collected at the time the permit application is submitted. Upon completion of your project to the nearest 1⁄4 hour, with a minimum two hour 

FEES are waived for compressed gases less than 1,000 cu. ft. of inert gases used for carbonation of drinks, filling balloons, purging lines, filling fire extinguishers and other similar uses (helium, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, compressed air) and for compressed oxygen, less than 800 cu. Ft. gas.

FEES are waived for non-governmental non-profit agencies and organizations in addition to those with asterisks on the permit application, regardless of non-profit status. Proof of IRS Section 501(c)(3) must submitted at the time the permit is 

UFC PERMIT FEES are imposed one time (not annually). The permit shall continue until revoked or until change of ownership or when conditions of the permit change. Permits are not transferable and any change in use, occupancy, operation or ownership shall require a new permit and fee.


Once your permit application has been reviewed by Fire Prevention, you will receive an acknowledgment that either your application is 1) complete, and a list of conditions to be complied with and required inspections prior to the permit being issued, or 2) incomplete, and a list of any additional information that is required in order to make your application complete.


A job reference number will be issued to you when the application is complete. The reference number should be retained by you for any questions regarding the permit or plan review or to determine the status thereof.


Allow at least five (5) working days for permit application processing.  Plan reviews: Require a minimum of ten (10) working days to review after the permit application has been processed.  Other Permits: Require only the amount of time needed by the applicant to comply with the conditions of the permit and for the Fire District to conduct the required inspections.


A minimum of two (2) business days notice is required to schedule an appointment for any and all inspections. Appointments can be made by contacting the Fire District at 415-453-7464, Monday-Friday, 8:00-


FAILURE TO CANCEL ANY INSPECTION without two (2) business hours’ notice will result in a penalty fee.   Cancellations can be made by contacting the Fire District Secretary.

*A list has been attached which identifies the typical amount of time spent on a particular project and is based on actual experience. Each specific project or permit will vary.

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