Codes and Standards

Builders, architects, and homeowners can reference the linked PDF Fire Standards for information on conforming to the adopted fire codes and standards of the Kentfield Fire Protection District.

Fire prevention is a team effort between the Kentfield Fire Protection District Fire Prevention Bureau, Staff Firefighters, Volunteer Firefighters and the members of our community. We are dedicated to the protection of life and property for all.

Through extensive plan checks and inspections, the Kentfield Fire Protection District strives to ensure fire safety in the home and businesses. Building standards, regulations, and plan check fees can be easily accessed through our website. During the warm summer months, vegetation fuel reduction inspections are conducted on vacant lots and home properties to ensure compliance with the defensible 100 feet space requirements. Your adherence to these all fire prevention standards in and around your home enables our Firefighters to provide the best possible protection to you and your family in the event of fire.

Fire Prevention Standards are posted, below:

File name Size
100 Occupancy Designation 1.pdf 101 KB
111A Large Family Daycare.pdf 110 KB
114 Christmas Tree Lots.pdf 76.4 KB
114-A Flame Proof Xmas Tree.pdf 91.7 KB
115 Maximum Occ Load Signs.pdf 90.2 KB
116 Stairway Identification.pdf 93.2 KB
118 Elevator Test Check List.pdf 71.2 KB
119 Tents and Awnings.pdf 809 KB
200 Planning Dept.pdf 91.3 KB
202 Knox Box Requirements.pdf 199 KB
204 Fire Lanes.pdf 394 KB
205 Premises Identification.pdf 125 KB
205-A Illuminated Directory.pdf 88.6 KB
210 Roadway Driveway Bridge.pdf 52.4 KB
211-20 Resd. Turnaround.pdf 117 KB
211-20-A Resd. Turnaroun Alternative.pdf 121 KB
211-30 Resd. Turnaround.pdf 100 KB
211-30-A Resd. Turnaround Alternative.pdf 112 KB
211-40 Resd. Turnaround.pdf 87.8 KB
211-40-A Resd. Turnaround Alternative.pdf 73.5 KB
212-20 Resd. Shunt Turn.pdf 103 KB
212-30 Resd. Shunt Turnaround.pdf 108 KB
212-40 Resd. Shunt Turnaround.pdf 110 KB
213-20 Resd. Cul De Sac Turnaround.pdf 104 KB
213-30 Resd. Cul De Sac Turnaround.pdf 88.8 KB
213-40 Resd. Cul De Sac Turnaround.pdf 87.1 KB
214-20 Commercial Turnaround.pdf 126 KB
214-30 Commercial Turnaround.pdf 83.8 KB
214-40 Commercial Turnaround.pdf 82.7 KB
215-20 Commercial Cul De Sac Turnaround.pdf 105 KB
215-30 Commercial Cul De Sac Turnaround.pdf 93.2 KB
215-40 Commercial Cul De Sac Turnaround.pdf 73.4 KB
220 Vegetation Management Plan.pdf 161 KB
221 Fire Road Access Gates.pdf 276 KB
223 WUI Remodel and Alteration to Existing Building.pdf 468 KB
308 Flammable Finishes.pdf 139 KB
308-A Flammable Spraying.pdf 91.8 KB
309 Placard and Labeling.pdf 122 KB
310 Flammable Tank Removal.pdf 102 KB
311 Secondary Containment.pdf 83.4 KB
400 Fire Alarm Systems.pdf 107 KB
401 Fire Sprinkler Systems.pdf 186 KB
402 Fire Alarm System.pdf 113 KB
403 Fire Alarm Completion.pdf 141 KB
404 Fire Alarm Testing Form.pdf 129 KB
405 Testing Exting. Systems.pdf 82.5 KB
405-A Lic. Ext. Systems.pdf 83.6 KB
500-A Calculating Fire Flow.pdf 128 KB
505 Asphalt Tar Kettles.pdf 82.7 KB
507 Paint Removal.pdf 88.9 KB
510 Flammable Tank Storage.pdf 102 KB
510-A Storage Cabinets.pdf 106 KB
514 Lumber Yards.pdf 87.5 KB
515 Welding and Operations.pdf 97.2 KB
516 Automotive Repair Garage.pdf 87.2 KB
516A Area Separation in Garage.pdf 106 KB
516B Statement Responsibility.pdf 91.1 KB
517 Public Assessembly Occupancy.pdf 87.6 KB
517A Candles and Open Flames.pdf 77.8 KB
518 Dust Collection Systems.pdf 81.4 KB
521 Bonfires.pdf 77.9 KB
523 Alternative Power Supply.pdf 109 KB
Knox Box Memo.pdf 35.1 KB

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